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How to Get the Best Concert Tickets

Ever wondered how you can increase your chances of getting tickets to see high-demand artists like Taylor Swift, Adele or Harry Styles? Here are the best tips and tricks to getting the BEST tickets to concerts!

Is there anything more stressful than buying tickets through Ticketmaster? Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. After years and years of buying tickets, I like to consider myself somewhat of a pro. I’m giving you the inside scoop on how to master the art of buying concert tickets.

Clear Your Cache

The cache on your computer is basically a storage space. Clearing it periodically can help your laptop or PC run faster and free up space. In this case, it can help with getting a better spot in the queue line. So if you’re using a laptop or desktop to buy concert tickets, clear your cache the morning of. If you’re using a phone, go to settings and clear your history and web data.

Check the Time

If you’re traveling for a show, make sure you double-check what time tickets go on sale. Events are listed based on the local time aka the time zone of where the venue is located. For example, if you’re trying to buy tickets to see Shawn Mendes live at Barclays Center in New York then tickets go on sale at 10 AM ET. But if you’re trying to purchase tickets for his Wonder Tour date in California, tickets go on sale at 10 AM PT. 

Use Your Strongest Internet Connection

According to a Reddit thread, Ethernet connections work the best. But if you don’t have access to ethernet, connect to a reliable wifi network and use either your computer or phone.

Run to the (Virtual) Line

Let’s talk about Ticketmaster queues. Ticketmaster created “Smart Queues” to keep bots out. Log into and make sure you have your credit card either 1) saved to your account or 2) in your hand ready to use. Go to the Ticketmaster page of the concert/event you want to attend AT LEAST 10 minutes before the sale starts. I suggest getting online 20 minutes before.

Ticketmaster no longer allows you to join queues using multiple devices. If you are in line on your computer and try to join the queue on the Ticketmaster app, it will ask if you want to leave your current spot. To increase your chance of securing tickets, have friends join the queue from their accounts! 

Once the sale begins, the queue will open and you’ll be given a spot in the line. Sometimes (honestly, most times) you will have 2,000+ people ahead of you. I know that number can be discouraging but make sure you do NOT close or leave the page once you’re in the queue or you’ll lose your spot. Also, turn that volume UP. Once it’s your turn, a bell will alert you! You have 10 minutes to begin shopping or you lose your spot.

Avoid Bot-Like Activity

Using multiple devices can be flagged as bot-like activity and results in Ticketmaster preventing you from purchasing tickets or just causing site errors. Other things to avoid are: refreshing your browser multiple times for multiple ticket searches!

The Waiting Game

One of the best times to get tickets is during the presale. Although presale doesn’t guarantee tickets, you have a chance to purchase tickets before the general public! If you miss the presale, you have to wait until the general sale. General sales are weird sometimes. Because everyone is trying to buy at the same time, sometimes good seats are appearing “sold” but really they are greyed out because someone is holding them. 

For example, I got better seats for Jonas Brothers an hour AFTER the general sale started because someone was holding them. This trick can be hit or miss sometimes depending on demand. If you know an artist is popular and the tickets are in high demand like BTS or Harry Styles, I would not wait an hour hoping to score better seats. The show will definitely be sold out by then!

Risk It for the Biscuit

If you don’t get the seats you want, there may be a second chance. Mobile carriers like T-Mobile partner with artists to offer customers exclusive access to some of the best seats. For Ariana Grande’s Sweetener World Tour and the Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins Tour, customers had a chance to buy pit tickets at face value. Note: the demand is high and there is a limited number of these tickets per show.

You can also buy from third-party resale sites. Use code “TERRELL” for $20 off your first SeatGeek order! Or get $10 off your first order with TickPick.

Buying the Day Of

Trust me, I know waiting to purchase tickets to a highly anticipated event the day before or the day of is stressful. Been there, done that. But when in doubt, check with the venue’s box office and online (Ticketmaster or a trusted, verified reseller). You’d be surprised at the amount of (great) seats that get released for lower than face value. Here are a couple of times I’ve seen this work out:

  1. I checked Ticketmaster midday and found a pit ticket for Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour show in Miami for $150 the day of. Before, those tickets were selling for $500+.
  2. The couple in front of me in line at Drake and Future’s SOLD OUT Summer Sixteen Tour show in New Orleans purchased a pair of Row 3 tickets for $300. Meanwhile, I had paid $300 for a solo ticket in Row 10 when tickets first went on sale.
  3. I snagged a ticket to see Dan + Shay’s sold out at the Fillmore for less than face value on Ticketmaster the day before the show.

What’s better than buying a concert ticket? Winning free tickets! Follow NOLA Concerts for ticket giveaways and more concert tips and tricks like how to get the best tickets and what to bring to a show!

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