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What is a Live Nation Fast Lane Pass and Do You Need It?

Jump in the Fast Lane! Here’s everything you need to know about Live Nation’s Fast Lane Pass and how it all works.

Why wait in line when you can get in early with a Fast Lane pass? It’s like priority boarding for concerts!

What is a Fast Pass?

According to Live Nation, a Fast Lane ticket allows fans to gain earlier entry to an event. On the day of the show, there will be a destinated entry line for Fast Lane holders. When the doors open, you’ll be allowed to go in before all other fans.

When and Where to Purchase 

A Fast Lane voucher is NOT a ticket to a show. It’s an add-on that gives you early entry to get a better spot for general admission events at Live Nation-owned and operated venues. There are a limited number of Fast Lane passes for each event and not all events offer them.

After you’ve purchased your concert ticket, you can get a Fast Lane ticket up until the day before the event (according to Live Nation). Search for the venue where your event is taking place and click on the ‘Upgrades’ section. Prices vary, typically between $20-40 per pass with no additional fees added on.

If you’re going with a friend or a group of people, each individual person needs their own Fast Lane voucher.

How Does It Work?

It varies per show and per venue. With Fast Lane, general admission and lawn ticket holders can secure a closer spot to see their favorite artists. For some events, I’ve seen Fast Lane holders allowed inside up to an hour before general doors time. Other times, I’ve seen everyone wait until doors open but the Fast Lane holders got in first.

Also, sometimes you’re not always the first fans inside the venue despite having the Fast Lane pass. When artists have VIP Early Entry packages or VIP Meet and Greet packages, those fans are usually allowed in before anyone else!

Are They Worth It?

For Jack Harlow’s show in Atlanta, my friend and I purchased Fast Lane passes for $20 each. Fans started lining up outside the venue at 2 AM (yes, two in the morning). We grabbed dinner and arrived at the venue right when doors opened and ended up with only five people back from the stage. When talking to the fans around us, they told us they camped out since 11 AM that morning for the same view as us. 

For Demi Lovato’s show in New Orleans, my friend and I were in the normal general admission line watching all of the Fast Lane holders get to go inside the venue 30 minutes early. We checked online and saw they still had a few available and bought them. Once we were inside, we were able to get a drink from the bar, order food, use the restroom, and secure a spot with only two people in front of us.

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