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What is Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan and How Does It Work?

What does it mean to be a ‘verified fan’ on Ticketmaster? Here’s everything you need to know about the Ticketmaster Verified Fan Sale and how it all works.

What do Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and Harry Styles all have in common? They’ve all used Ticketmaster Verified Fan! But what is the Verified Fan? How does it work? And more importantly, does it work? Don’t worry, I’m breaking it all down for you before your next ticket sale!

What is Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan?

Back in 2017, Ticketmaster announced their new system ‘Verified Fan’ – where they collaborate with artists and event organizers for a ‘reliable ticket-buying experience for fans.’ The goal? To ensure that only fans, not bots or scalpers, are invited to purchase tickets.

How to Become a Verified Fan

Each concert that uses Verified Fan has a custom registration page. And you can’t just register at any time, every event with a Verified Fan sale has an open and closing date. You can find the registration page (which will have all that info and more) on the tour announcement or on the social channels of Ticketmaster, the artist, and/or the venue.

Registration information for Harry Styles 2022 Love on Tour Ticketmaster Fan Sale.

Register using the email address attached to your Ticketmaster account and select what show(s) you are interested in purchasing tickets to. After you register, you should receive an email from Ticketmaster confirming that your registration was successful.

Already submitted your Verified Fan request and need to change or add a date? You can edit your registration as many times as you want! You won’t be disqualified or affected. Just remember, Ticketmaster only keeps the last submission’s information.

What to Expect

I’m a Verified Fan

If you are verified and selected, you’ll receive an email followed by a text the night before the sale. Make sure you do NOT delete the text message, it includes your unique access code, a direct link to the sale, and what show(s) you were selected for. And don’t worry, each code is unique and linked to the account used to register.

There is typically a limit of four (4) tickets per access code but refer to your registration confirmation email for the exact number. If you were verified and your code isn’t working, contact Ticketmaster Fan Support.

When the sale begins, use the link provided to join the virtual queue. Once it’s your turn, enter your access code exactly as it appears in the text message and get ready to secure the best tickets! Remember, tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis so get in as early as possible!

I’m Waitlisted

Due to high demand and the limited number of invitations for the Verified Fan sales, you can also be placed on the waitlist. If invitations become available, Ticketmaster will notify you via text message.

I was placed on the waitlist initially for Harry Styles’ Love On Tour but when additional dates were added, Ticketmaster sent me a code to purchase tickets for one of the added dates in the city(s) I requested.

I Wasn’t Selected

If you weren’t selected or you missed the Verified Fan registration, don’t worry. Most events have other options to secure tickets including other presales! On the odd chance, there are no tickets left after the Verified Fan Sale, you can purchase tickets from a reseller but beware of online ticket scammers.

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Does It Work?

Verified Fan does not guarantee everyone with a code will get a ticket. According to Ticketmaster, they use technology that “analyzes every single registrant to make sure they are real people interested in going to the show”. Fans are selected at random to receive an invitation to participate in the sale. And the amount of fans invited depends on the number of tickets available.

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