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How to List and Sell Your Concert Tickets Online

Looking to list and sell your concert tickets online? There’s a variety of options so let’s walk through the ticket selling process from beginning to end – from the best places to sell concert tickets online to how to do a mobile ticket transfer.

Can no longer attend a show? Or maybe you purchased better seats and need to get rid of your old ones? Either way, you need someone to purchase your concert ticket. Here are some tips and tricks to sell tickets online.


If you purchased your concert ticket(s) on Ticketmaster, you can list them directly on Ticketmaster. The pro of selling directly through is that it’s safe and legitimate and the ticket is automatically transferred to the buyer for you securely online! As of April 2022, Ticketmaster started to waive fees meaning you keep 100% of your list price. For example, if you set your list price for $100 then you receive the full $100 once sold! 

  1. Log into your Ticketmaster account on a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.
  2. If you’re on a computer, go to ‘My Account’ and tap the ‘Sell’ button next to your event. If you’re in the Ticketmaster app, tap the Sell button on the bottom bar.
  3. Select the ticket(s) you want to resell.
  4. Set your price.
  5. Select your preferred method for receiving payment.
  6. Review your listing then post!

If and when your tickets are sold, you’ll be notified via email by Ticketmaster. And your payout should be sent within seven days after the event to your preferred payment method. 


Similar to Ticketmaster, if you purchase your concert ticket(s) on AXS or AXS Official Resale, you can list your tickets directly on AXS. It’s free to list your tickets but when you sell your ticket(s), a resale and/or seller fee will be deducted. Unlike Ticketmaster, you can decide how long you want your listing up for. Options include one day from now, one week from now, one day before the event, etc.

  1. Log into your account on AXS account
  2. Click on ‘Your Tickets’ and click on an event.
  3. Click ‘Sell’ (which will display if they are resale eligible).
  4. Select tickets to list, then click continue to enter your price and listing options.
  5. Select or Add an account for getting paid, then click continue.
  6. Now, select or add a credit card (this card will only be charged if the event is canceled and the buyer needs to be refunded. You will not be charged to list your tickets).
  7. Review the details and click “List Tickets”.

When your ticket(s) sell, AXS will notify you via email. The funds will be in your AXS account and after the show takes place, you can transfer your payout to your selected payment method.


Stubhub is a third-party ticket resale site. If you purchased a ticket on AXS, Ticketmaster, or another site, you can sell your ticket on Stubhub. Similar to AXS, it’s free to list your tickets but there is a seller fee. Stubhub’s seller fees vary depending on the event, price, and delivery method. Since this is a third-party reseller, let’s dive into how you deliver the tickets to the buyer. 

Online Ticket Transfer: If the tickets are in an online account (AXS, Ticketmaster, etc), you can transfer tickets to the buyer through the online account. Log into your online account then navigate to ‘My Events’ or ‘My Tickets’. Select the event to view your tickets then tap ‘Transfer’. Select which ticket(s) you want to transfer then enter the recipient’s information – this usually includes their name, email address and/or phone number, and an optional note.

Paper Tickets: Although most venues and sellers don’t issue print-at-home paper tickets, they do still exist occasionally. Once the ticket is sold, you’ll be given a pre-paid UPS shipping label to use. Go to “My Tickets > Sales” to get your label then drop off the ticket package to a UPS store.

PDF Tickets: They should be the original document you got when you bought your tickets. If you have 1 document with all of the tickets but only want to sell some of them, you can choose which files to keep and which to sell in the listing process.

Social Media

Twitter is an easy place to buy and sell tickets, fan to fan! You have the ability to sell a ticket directly to someone without having to go through a third-party reseller. When reselling on social networks, make sure to include the following in your tweet/post: the artist, the show, the city, the number of tickets, and where the seat is located. Also, including tags can help fans looking to buy tickets find your post! Here are two examples of two fans on Twitter using tags – one is looking to purchase a ticket to see Harry Styles while the other is looking to sell a ticket to see Justin Bieber.

When selling through social media platforms, it’s normal for buyers to ask for proof to ensure they’re not being scammed. Having been on both sides as a buyer and seller, I’ve requested and provided screen recordings showing that the ticket I’m trying to sell is in my Ticketmaster account (without showing the barcode) and/or showing the confirmation email from when I originally purchased the ticket(s).

Final Selling Tips

  1. Setting a price: When choosing how much to list your tickets for, check for comparable pricing. View current listings on Ticketmaster, AXS, Stubhub, etc in your section. If you price your tickets too high, they may not sell. 
  2. Promote your listing: Posting about your ticket listing on Twitter and Facebook can help expand the number of people who might consider purchasing it. In fact, if a friend or family member is interested in buying, you can sell to them directly vs using a third-party reseller – that will avoid both of you from having to pay fees!
  3. Don’t forget to transfer the tickets: As stated earlier, Ticketmaster and AXS will transfer the tickets automatically for you. But third-party resale sites like Stubhub will notify you via email when your tickets have been purchased. You need to transfer the ticket to the buyer and then confirm on the site once the transfer is complete in order to get your money. 
  4. Remove the listing: If you post your tickets on multiple resale sites, make sure you remove the listing once a sale is complete. This will prevent the same tickets from being purchased twice and having to go through extra steps to cancel the transaction on one or more of the sites. 

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