[Review] LANY brought “Malibu Nights” to New Orleans

On Tuesday, June 4th, LANY gave New Orleans a taste of California’s shores and vibes at the Joy Theater. Hundreds of fans packed inside the newly renovated venue to see the much anticipated show from LA indie-pop trio as they played the city for the second time ever. Lots of concert-goers were seen rocking LANY t-shirts and other merchandise.

Super Fans

Before I get into my recap and review of the show, it’s only right to mention how hard LANY’s fans go. Hundreds of people lined up outside of the Joy Theater hours before the show to get a good spot to see LANY. When I arrived at 6, the line was wrapped around the block all the way down S. Saratoga and beginning to turn down Cleveland. In fact, fans came from all over. I found out some have been following the tour for the last couple of shows and camped outside the venue since the night before! The dedication is real.


Solo artist Role Model opened for them, hyping the crowd up with his original songs like “minimal” and “six speed”. He also covered “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. His charm and energy pulled the audience in.

The Setlist

With relatable, infectious tunes that express the feelings of falling in love and dive into the modern take on relationships, LANY entranced listeners for over an hour. The band kicked off their set with “Thick and Thin,” one of my personal favorites from their latest album. During 4EVER!, fans near the front of the stage threw roses on stage at the band. LANY threw a couple of throwback tracks in the setlist as well, including two of their earlier hits, “4EVER!” and “Made in Hollywood.” The band’s lead singer, Paul Klein, sang and danced his way through the night with unstoppable energy while the crowd sang every word.

Arena-worthy Production

Their set was both aesthetically and musically pleasing. By using lights and videos on the screens, the band set the tone for each and every song with unique visuals. The band looked like silhouettes in front of the big, bright screen. Some of the videos that played during their set included a sunset, a lightening filled sky, their music videos, and various colorful backdrops.

Their Love for New Orleans

We all know New Orleans is one of the greatest cities on Earth but it’s always great hearing artists confirm it. Klein took a second to mention how he enjoyed his time in the Big Easy. He and his fellow band member, Jake, visited Preservation Hall the night before and caught some authentic New Orleans jazz music. He also mentioned how he went on Bourbon Street and got a Harley Davidson t-shirt. ”Bourbon was even lit on a Monday” Yes, Paul, I can confirm that Bourbon street is lit just about every night of the week.

As Expected, an Encore

When they walked offstage, their name repeated on the screen in pixelated font, looking almost like broken computer. The audience began to cheer “LANY” loudly to bring back the band onstage for the encore. They closed their show with “Thru These Tears” “Parents” and “ILYSB”

My Overall Review of LANY’s stop in New Orleans

To sum up a LANY show: A night filled with vast musical talent and electric energy, production that’s honestly fit for an arena. You can tell they genuinely enjoy performing for their fans and the fans love watching them perform. The crowd was full of die hard fans who know every single word to every single song. I hope LANY stops in New Orleans for their next tour and I definitely recommend catching one of their shows if they’re in your town soon.

If you missed LANY’s stop in New Orleans or just want to re-live the night, you can watch clips of their performance on my LANY Instagram highlight and view the photo slideshow below.

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