Extreme Makeover: Joy Theater Interior Edition

On Tuesday, April 9th I attended a private open house of the newly renovated Joy Theater. And before you ask, no, there was no Ty Pennington screaming “Move that bus!” for the big reveal but I did get a first-hand look at all the brand new interior redesigns and enhancements that were made to further optimize their on-site event capabilities. “The Joy Theater has great bones and the best sound and sight lines in the city,” says Reeves Price, VP Operations and Co-Founder of Winter Circle Productions. “Through our partnership with AEG, our plans to revive and update the aesthetic and production capabilities have finally come to fruition. These renovations will make the Joy a must-visit venue; the most proper place of its size to see a show or host an event in the South.”

From new sound systems to updated green rooms, here’s what’s new at the 10,000 sq ft venue:

  • A new acoustic treatment in the main theater to amplify the sound.
  • A new sound system that features d&b Audiotechnik Vi8 Line Array speakers. (To be completely honest, I have no idea what that means but I’m sure it’s super cool and will enhance your concert experience at the Joy and that’s all that matters.)
  • New bars and bar finishes (Fun fact: there are three bars within the Joy Theater)
  • Updated paint and wall treatment in its lobby and balcony.
  • New lighting fixtures throughout the venue.
  • A curtain track for in the theater and main hall.
  • A new custom backlit stage proscenium.
  • Renovations to the green room.
  • New signage inside of the venue.

About the Joy Theater

The 72-year-old venue (yes, you read that correctly…it opened in 1947) that is located in downtown New Orleans right on Canal Street hosts more than just concerts. The Joy is a multi-purpose venue that hosts over 100 events each year, which includes film screenings, comedy shows, and private events. They’re dedicated to bringing world-class entertainment and community to the City of New Orleans by forming a cultural bridge between the rich history of New Orleans and the city’s progression into the future.

The venue is now operated by Winter Circle Productions (you may know WCP as the producers of Buku) its partnership with AEG Presents. (you may know AEG as the producers of Jazz Fest). The showcasing of the new upgrades & renovations is just in time for Winter Circle Productions’ 10-year anniversary celebration as a top local concert promoter in the city.

See It For Yourself

The Joy Theater has tons of events coming up, including LANY on June 4th. You can win your way into the show (and see the new in-house renovations for yourself) by heading to my Instagram page. For more information about upcoming shows and events, visit

Big thank you to the Joy Theater for having me. I had a great time and loved the new renovations! Looking forward to more great events at the venue. Also, shoutout to Elektra Cosmetics for hooking me up with some Pelicans-themed glitter before I headed to the game.

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